We manufacture the best quality press rollers for the leading sheet fed presses. Our printing rollers deliver excellent print results and last longer as we take in use superior rubber compounds. Our quality has long been recognized by the renowned sheeted press manufacturers in India, Reason? Our ability to meet their given specifications, core weights, hardness and wall thickness. We make sure the core weights and wall thickness are correct to avoid color variations in the print. Our rollers are press ready. This means that they are fitted in our factory with new bearings and accessories so you are assured properly aligned rollers. Take them out of the box and put them directly in your press! Most importantly, you can generate excellent and consistent printing results with Sakthi Engineers - precise and with fewer adjustments. You could keep the presses running longer with optimum printing results by using Sakthi Engineers on your sheet fed offset presses.
Present age web printing is driven by constant pressures to increase productivity, to reduce wastage and to maintain high standards of print quality. This puts increasing demands on today's press operators, as well as on consumable process materials. To help meet these higher demands, Sakthi Engineers developed a new series of roller compounds for today's cutting edge web press applications. The compounds used exhibit minimal shrinkage over their entire service life and therefore avoid frequent reset. They resist increase in hardness and their excellent dynamic properties result in cooler running and less energy consumption. More stable roller temperature results in less color variation. These compounds are very successful and well established for newspaper printing.

Sakthi Engineers have longer life span and do not have to be replaced frequently. Apart from being glazing resistance, they hold their shape and don't shrink, so less time is spent resetting. This proves beneficial in the way of reduced downtime and operating costs. Our rollers are delivered "ready to use" with installed bearings and spacers. They are always manufactured to the high tolerances and specifications of the equipment manufacturer. The rubber compounds are manufactured by us. We are able to test the chemical compatibility of our compounds with any inks and solvents that are used in your company. By using superior rubber compounds, our printing rollers deliver excellent print results and last longer.