Keeping pace with the modern manufacturing world means having up-to-date technology working for you and this what exactly we follow. The entire process is completely automated and advanced manufacturing technology is used in all areas of manufacturing.
We don't follow 'one size fits all', but rather provide tailor-made solutions to a client's needs, focusing on getting the job done right so it will produce results. In short, we provide customized rollers when given specific details with regards to the Hardness, Length, Diameter and the appropriate temperature of application of the roller.
Polymer, an essential raw material required for the manufacturing of the compound of rollers is specially imported from Korea and Japan. This results in high quality, durable, exceptional performance of the rollers. What makes Sakthi Engineers stand out is despite of providing rollers of international quality the rates are nominal compared to the market price.
In order to understand the needs and requirement of our customers, we make it a point to personally visit their place of work. Every minutest of detail is taken into consideration and a personal approach is taken right from the start to the finish of the job. All our efforts are directed towards perfection and satisfaction. The delivery period is worked upon as per the client's schedule.
To meet the varied packaging needs of our diverse customers we are making available high quality and durable packaging. The rollers are cleaned and wrapped with opaque papers and corrugated sheets before placing in the wooden boxes. Our packaging ensures that the rollers, be it whatever size and shape, reaches its destination in the best of condition.
We not only supply but also help you recover your old rollers. If the rubber compound in your rollers have worn out then we replace it with new compounds that we use in the new rollers. A unique technique is adopted to apply the rubber to the core and to vulcanize the compound.
Maintaining a rubber roller is very tactical but a properly maintained roller provides worry-free printing and enhances the quality of your work. Many roller customers find it difficult to remember to perform these basic tasks, however. A checklist can be helpful in ensuring that your rollers receive the attention it needs to function at its best.
Just like humans need to take bath after a long and tiring day, rollers too call for the same attention. Ensure the rollers are thoroughly washed with the roller washer at the end of the day to secure its performance.

To avoid Glazing, the ink in the roller should not be allowed to dry or get accumulated. This could be ensured by frequent checking and cleaning of the rollers.

No two or more rollers should be left in direct touch with each other for long as it might result in formation of 'flats' on the soft rollers. Also, if the wash-ups have not been taken care of then the rollers can get jammed at the contact points. Rollers are prone to damage in case they are not being used for long or are in storage. Even if the roller is in storage it has to be brought to use once in every six months atleast to prevent hardening of the roller. If any used roller is temporarily being put out of use then it has to thoroughly cleaned and checked for any ink or dust accumulation. It should be later brushed with talcum powder, covered with black or brown paper and should be placed horizontally on the journals. The surface should not be in direct touch with other surface. It should be stored in a place away from sunlight and heat.
Extra care should be taken while fitting the hose on a dampening roller. Excessive force might cause the tearing of the soft rubber from the metal core. Always remember the above points in order to prolong the life of the roller and get a uninterrupted output from the same.